District 201N2, New South Wales, Australia


Lions is a community service organisation! People join Lions because they want to use their intellect, creativity, commitment and enthusiasm to get things done.  This is where you can find out about the sorts of projects that your local Lions Club is doing.  Like what you see?  Get involved!


Major Construction Projects

A project of considerable magnitude is the restoration of the bridge at Berrambool Oval. Here, the previous engineering and building experience of some of our members, together with the hard work of others, has produced an outstanding example of our service to the community. This is scarcely a surprise to  people who have seen the club's successful completion of many large projects in our area over recent years. This was a massive project as can be seen from these two views. Not only was the bridge restored but it was extended to higher ground thus greatly improving its usability.

This project has now been completed. Other ongoing projects include the planning and building of bus shelters in the local area.